We offer excellence in temporary power generation for events. We operate in south of Brazil, with a structure that makes a difference for you and your company. We apply all of our personal and professional energy to the personalized solutions that our team of experts plan and execute to ensure that your event is a success!

On an emergency or scheduled basis, our expertise will make a difference.

Meet the needs of customers with equipment and qualified employees.
To be a reference in the southern region, for excellence in the generation of temporary energy for events.
Attitude, respect, honesty, quality in products and services, education in attendance, punctuality and disposition are some of the values ​​valued by the company.
We value our professional since hiring.
We believe that the appreciation of the team makes the difference in enthusiasm, initiative and disposition.
Our technical team is trained according to ABNT NR 10, NR 35, NR 06, NR 23, NR 05 and NR 20 standards.
Safety, ethics and punctuality. Listening to feedback over the years has given us the opportunity to create solutions designed for the client, ensuring safety and professional excellence.
Integrity and honest relationships with customers and suppliers strengthen us and provide us with solid long-term partnerships.
Nobody understands our customers like us. That's why we invest in the best technology to offer them with quality at competitive prices.

Great events rely on our energy!

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